Payout supplier on options


These options determine how you pay your suppliers for leads.


System Accept (previously Pay per lead accept - PPLA)

System accept will result in you paying your supplier for each valid lead which enters your campaign. Your campaign has its own requirements (validation, filters, de-duplication) which will determine what is classed as a valid lead.

You can choose to put your lead buyer and the revenue you’ll charge for a sold lead on the campaign screen, however you can also put this information on the delivery. The delivery lead buyer/revenue will take precedent over the campaign details.

You only have the option to pay out a fixed amount on system accept.


Buyer Delivery Accept (previously Pay per buyer accept - PPBA)

Buyer delivery accept will result in you paying your supplier for each lead sold to a buyer. The buyer will have their own requirements so it’s a good idea to make sure any leads being delivered to them match those requirements using rules on the delivery.

With Buyer delivery accept you can only place the buyer financial information on the delivery screen.

You have the choice of paying your supplier a fixed amount or a percentage of your buyer revenue using buyer delivery accept. However the out of hours payment can only be used in conjunction with fixed amount. More information on these limitations can be found here.


Supplier Responses

The response your suppliers will receive varies slightly between System and Buyer delivery accept. This is due to the system waiting for the buyers response in a buyer delivery accept campaign before payout can be confirmed. 


System accept:




Buyer delivery accept:



We do not keep connections open for health of the system. If your suppliers need to get the sold status of the lead, further reading is available here.

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