How to Import to add/update/return leads


The import tab allows you to import a CSV file containing Lead Information and use this information to either:

1) Add leads to an existing campaign

2) Update existing leads in a campaign

3) Select which leads to return and the return reason.

Please ensure that you use a CSV file for smooth experience. More info on the CSV format can be found at the bottom of this article.


Getting Started


The 3 sub-tabs at the top (Active, Complete and Errors) are where you can find files currently importing, files which have completed import and any error associated with completed imports.

The red box in the picture highlited above shows the options you have for importing data.

Bear in mind that updating and returning leads use certain field labels to match with existing leads :


Now you've imported some data, you can choose what to do with it.


Add Leads  



Choose your campaign type, and the campaign you want to add these new leads to followed by how your CSV has been delimited (comma/semicolon/pipe).



The next screen is setting where the fields in your import map to in your campaign.

In the example above, firstname on the imported file is being mapped to First Name in my campaign.

Once chosen you can then start your import, this may take a few minutes to get started however you can leave this and check back later. The file will move from "Active" to "Complete" when finished.

These new leads will now be found in your campaign.

Update Leads

Updating leads follows an almost identical path the adding leads, however you need to make sure that you have a field in your import which lets LeadByte know which leads to update. These can be LeadID, email or phone.



At the next screen you will choose which field will used to match, as you can see from the video above, once the leadID field has been chosen for matching, it is no longer an option for updating leads. This is also the screen where you choose where your imported fields will be mapped to your campaign fields.

Once the process has been completed, your leads will be updated with the additional information found in the import.


Return Leads

This process is identical to the update leads feature until you hit the below page:


Here you are able to indicate which field should be used to match to existing leads in your campaign.

Choose the reason for these leads being returned and begin the import.


Useful notes

You are able to view a report of your import by clicking on Import > complete > Actions Select > View report. This gives a breakdown of what occurred in your import.

Any errors will be placed under the error tab on the import queue screen.

For information on CSV, check out this site -

The basics would include ensuring your file is saved in the CSV format and delimited by commas.


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