Campaign Fields


When you create a campaign you have the option to configure fields.  This includes the likes of making fields required, setting the format, configuring data types, masking fields, creating additional fields and more.  

Standard Fields
All campaigns have standard fields to include the likes of First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, channel consent fields Address and more.  Some standard fields have an "options" feature; if you click options a light box will open for you to configure the behaviour of a field.  Let's take First Name for example; you have the option to set the Max/Min characters, set consonant/vowel count, enable profanity list and enable the first/last name dupe check.

Additional Fields
You can create additional fields If you need to collect more/different fields than the standard ones.  Let's take for example you have a life insurance site, you may wish to collect whether the visitor is a Smoker, whether they have cover already and the number of people on the policy.  When you create the additional fields, you then have the option to set what the data values should be.  It's good practice to do this as this will provide your suppliers or the IT department with more accurate information about how data should be passed into the campaign.  See video below on how to create additional fields and set the pre-determined values.


The way in which you set up/configure your fields will determine how the fields are presented on the integration guide.  See example below based on the above Life Insurance additional fields.


Regular Expression
With additional fields you have the option to set your own regular expression, you can do this under the "Options" button against the field.  In the visual example below, the regular expression is used for Danish SSN.  Danish SSNs are a string of 10-digit numbers with a hyphen between digits 6 and 7.  If a lead is submitted without that pattern match you would see the following message: {"response":"ssn failed pattern match"....



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