Returning Leads Via REST API


You can learn how to return leads from the portal via this article, else to return leads via the REST API, continue reading here :)

You will need....
- Access to REST API
- List of Return Codes (reason for return)
- BuyerID (BID)

Creating a Key
Firstly, you need access to the REST API in your LeadByte account to create a key.  This is available on PRO+ accounts or as a bolt on.  Speak to your account manager or raise a ticket if you do not see REST API under your Admin > Tech Hub > REST API.  

1) Create a key

2) Select the permission "Return" under Leads

3) Select the Buyer that the key is associated for under Lead Return Settings
Note: If you untick "Reverse supplier payout", payout awarded to the supplier will remain in tact.

Return Codes
When returning a lead you need to declare the reason.  Codes are available under Campaigns > Settings > Lists.  Here you have the option to make a note of the Return Feedback codes.  For example, the code for Do Not Call Complaint is DNCC.

Example Request
	"key": "c99d835179c97500ab8750098u75554",
	"leadId": 84145,
	"BID": "1",
	"reason": "DNCC"

Example Response

	"status": "Success",
	"message": "",
	"details": {
		"84145": "Return Queued"

Security Note
We encourage you to IP Whitelist to lockdown requests being made to this service.


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