Managing Supplier Payouts and Caps


If you pay your supplier's different rates for leads and have varying caps, you can manage this within the campaign settings screen (Campaigns > Settings > Suppliers).  The screen looks like this (below):


By default, all Active Suppliers from your Admin > Suppliers screen are listed.  If you want to block any Suppliers from submitting leads to a campaign you can do so here.  They will be placed into the Inactive tab within this table.

This is the amount that you pay your suppliers.  If you want all suppliers to be paid the same, you should use the payout box at the top of this screen.

OOH Payout
This is what you pay suppliers for out of hours, a setting that you enable at the top of this screen.  For example, you may wish to pay suppliers 50% less for leads received between 21:00hrs - 08:00hrs.

Import Access
If you have granted permission to a supplier to import leads you will be able to specify this at campaign level on the supplier screen above using the toggle button.  In the example above, AgencyX is the only supplier that has permission to import leads from their portal.


Campaign Caps

You have the flexibility to add Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Hourly Caps alongside a total campaign cap.

Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Hourly caps refresh each respective timeframe, however the total cap will remain as is until you edit it.

Please bear in mind that 0 in the cap field stands for no limit. This means there is no cap and unlimited leads can enter the campaign.

You should also note it is here where you determine if a cap should be based on valid or approved leads.  All leads are approved if you have no deliveries.  If you send leads to buyers via the API then a lead outcome will be approved or rejected.


When your cap has been hit, your supplier will see the below responses for each timeframe:






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