How to update supplier payout and/or buyer commission


Although many of our client's trade leads in real-time and get decisions in real-time, updating the financials associated with historic leads may be common for your type of business especially if you sell products or services offline and therefore collect revenue after leads have been received.

You are a call centre that sells Life Insurance policies.  You receive leads from suppliers and pay them when you sell a policy.  You need to update leads in LeadByte when a conversion happens so your suppliers can check their earnings.

How To Update

Firstly, you need to select the lead(s) you want to update from the leads screen. You can choose all or selected results.


You then need to select the updated values for the payout and revenue. Once added type "UPDATE" into the box and hit the button "Update". 



When you click "Update" the system will update the leads and all relevant reports.  Please note that this is not instant, the time it takes to update the stats will depend on how many leads you are updating and how busy your account is.  As a guide, we would say for every 1,000 records, expect up to 5 minutes.


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