Our friends at AnyTrack have done a GREAT job in solving a big problem when it comes to attribution tracking, which has never been more important with the changes introduced with iOS14. 

We are pleased to be integrated with them.  You can read on this collaboration here.

Why use AnyTrack?
Attribute event driven conversion data back to the AdNetworks that you buy your leads from i.e Facebook, Google

Why use AnyTrack with LeadByte?
The majority of our clients notify AnyTrack when a lead has been "Sold".  AnyTrack then attributes this conversion event (typically a purchase) back to the AdNetwork which enables you to optimise based on this event (not just a lead, rather a Sold lead).

What do I need to make this magic happen?

  • AnyTrack Account
  • LeadByte account with access to WebHooks

How it works (top level)
You need to install the one line of AnyTrack code on your site.  When a visitor from Facebook (for example) hits your site an AnyTrack ID is generated.  You need to store this value and submit it to LeadByte when you submit the lead (just like you would FirstName, Email, Phone etc).  You should map the AnyTrack ID to the LeadByte "C3" field. You will need to create a WebHook in your LeadByte account to your AnyTrack account.  When a lead is sold to a Buyer, the WebHook triggers this event to AnyTrack.  AnyTrack then attributes the event to your AdNetwork i.e. Facebook.

Visual Steps

Script on site
You add the script to your site


Example of Lead with AnyTrack ID
You store the AnyTrack ID and pass it to LeadByte with the other lead registration data

WebHook in LeadByte

When a lead is sold to a Buyer in LeadByte, the WebHook you created fires to AnyTrack.


Event in AnyTrack
The WebHook event is received in AnyTrack.  In the example below, it is called "CompleteRegistration" and has the value of the sold lead against it (this will be sent to the AdNetwork, Facebook).


Events + Revenue in Facebook
Now you can see the number of purchases (sold leads) and the value of those leads (revenue) in Facebook.  This enables you to optimise by this type of event other than simply leads (form submits).



- Make sure you speak to AnyTrack about their "template" for best practise
- Make sure you map the AnyTrack ID to the LeadByte C3 field
- Make sure the C3 field is not re-formatted in anyway i.e. UPPERCASE, Title Case
- Make sure you send as much info to AnyTrack as possible so they can best attribute the event
- Make sure you understand how attribution delay works


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