Standard and Advanced Deduplication


Standard Deduplication

By default, LeadByte provides you with the ability to dupe against phone fields and/OR email within a list and other lists (including suppression). 

You can find this option under your campaign settings:


Standard deduplication allows you to check for duplicate leads using the Phone fields or the email field.

You can specify to only check against certain suppliers or additional campaigns using the options available. You can also set a timeframe which you reject leads as duplicates here.  Note, when duping against a suppression campaign the timeframe is ignored, instead the check is indefinite.


On the whole, this is the most common in lead generation industry however in some instances you may need to run additional dupe checks. 

For example, you may be running a broadband (internet) campaign that has an exclusive offer to each household in which case phone and email dupe would not be enough but Phone + Last Name + Postcode + House Number may just do the trick. Luckily our Advanced deduplication allows you to just that!


Advanced Deduplication

Getting Started
Advanced duplication can also be found under campaign settings, just below the usual duplication.


The first section of advanced de-duplication allows you to select additional fields within the campaign you are editing to check against. You can choose from any fields set up in your campaign but you can also specify a timeframe to treat matching values as duplicates.

These second section allows you to do the same, but for other campaigns!

Once you save the campaign you will see a dialogue box appear within the main campaign screen (see below).  This is where the magic happens (especially if you have 000's of leads already in your list).  A script runs to organise the data in such a way to make it efficient to do the dupe check in lightening speed.


When the status is complete, you are good to go.  You can click "Hide All Completed".  There is no need to keep this dialogue box on screen.  Prior to the status being complete, the status will be marked as "pending".  Be patient (especially if you have a large volume of leads in this list of any others you are doing advanced dupe against!

We encourage you to run some tests when the process is complete by submitting API leads into your list.

Advanced duplication is available on certain packages although it is available as a bolt on. Reach out to your account manager or raise a support ticket if you have any questions.


Do Not Dedupe against this campaign

We've added the option to allow you to dedupe against other campaigns BUT NOT the campaign the lead is entering. Simply check the box and the rest is self explanatory. 

REST API vs Standard API

Our REST API is more robust and reduces the risks of duplicates slipping through the net. This is only really applicable when sending in leads in very quick succession as leads using the REST API are queued to be thoroughly checked, whereas the standard API leads are checked against for duplicates and then written to the database. If a duplicate lead comes in BEFORE the original lead is written to the database then this is when duplicates are allowed into your campaign.

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