Campaign Summary Report


The campaign summary report will help you visualise lead activity and the top level financials per campaign. This is a key report to run if you need to keep track of your trading activity if you buy and sell leads.

Step 1 - Click on "Reports" and then "Run Reports"

Step 2 - Scroll down and select "Campaign Overview"

Step 3 - Select the campaign you want, the date range and any other filters followed by "Run Report"



Once you've ran the report summary you can see:

Campaign - Campaign name

Leads - Total amount of Valid and Invalid received into the Campaign

Valid - Total amount of Valid leads received into the Campaign

Invalid - Total amount of Invalid leads received into the Campaign

CR% - Conversion rate of Valid leads against the total amount of received leads

Pending - Leads that are currently pending a Supplier Payout

Payable - Leads that have been marked for a Supplier Payout

Sold - Leads that have been marked as a Buyer Sold lead 

Rejected - Valid leads that have been marked as Unsold (i.e. leads that have not attributed to a Supplier Payout, including BLANK Delivery status leads)

CR% - Conversion rate of Sold leads against the total amount of Valid leads

Returns - Leads that have been returned by Buyers

RTN% - Return percentage of leads

Payout - Total Supplier Payout amount

Email Cost - Total cost of emails

SMS Cost - Total cost of SMS

Validation Cost - Total cost of Validation services

Revenue - Total Buyer Payout amount

Profit - Total profit of leads (Revenue - Supplier Payout)

CPL - Cost per lead

RPL - Revenue per lead

Cur - Selected currency for the Campaign



You can choose to show the data in a separate screen by clicking the Image-2023-10-12-at-11.15.28-AM button and also export the data in a .xls or .csv format.

In addition, you can click on Image-2023-10-12-at-11.15.18-AMbuttons on the graph to add or remove the options.



You can choose to generate a report in a specific time zone (under the Timezone dropdown)



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