Campaign Summary Report


The campaign summary report will help you visualise lead activity and the top level financials per campaign. This is a key report to run if you need to keep track of your trading activity if you buy and sell leads.

Step 1 - Click on "Reports"

Step 2 - Scroll down and click on "Open Report" under "Campaign Summary"

Step 3 - Select the campaign you want and the date range, followed by "Run Report"


Once you've ran the report summary you can see:

- Total leads
This is the total leads received (Valid + Invalid)

- Valid, invalid or pending leads
Valid leads are all the leads accepted on the campaign.  Invalid are those that LeadByte have rejected (e.g. duplicate, failed email validation) and pending leads are those waiting to be marked as valid or invalid.

- Rejected and approved leads
Leads rejected are those declined in real-time by the remote system.

- Supplier, Email, SMS and Validation cost
If you send email, SMS or have enabled paid validation services (like HLR), costs are counted here.  Supplier costs are what you pay suppliers for approved leads.

- Revenue & Profit
Revenue is the amount paid by the Buyer for approved leads, the profit is after your costs.

- Currency
If you run campaigns in different countries, with different currencies this is noted. 




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