Buyer Summary Report


The buyer summary report is your tool for viewing data as to how your leads were processed by your buyer and the revenue generated.


Step 1 - Click on "Reports"

Step 2 - Scroll down and click on "Open Report" under "Buyer Summary"

Step 3 - Select desired Campaign, define the fields and click on "Run Report"

You can define what fields you wish data to be filtered through, such as "Date range", "Show data" (this specifies if you want to see approved leads, rejected leads, etc. at the buyer level).



This helps you visualize the amount of revenue the leads generate, how many were approved, rejected, returned and the percentages on conversion rate and return rate. 

In this particular case study, 200 leads were approved, 12 rejected. The conversion rate was 94%, there were 0 returns and the revenue generated was 500.


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