Supplier Summary Report



When you have multiple suppliers on a campaign you need to keep track of lead volumes, cost, profit to make sure you maximize your spend.  With this report you can group by campaign, day, week and month. You can check specific date ranges, campaigns, suppliers. You can also break down the report to sub supplier granularity if so desired. 


The report itself


The summary is comprised of a table which can be export to csv. or email. The columns are explained below. 

This report is generated for a full month, the bar graph below the table shows: the total leads (blue), valid leads (green), invalid leads (red), Rejected leads (black, rejected by the buyer), approved (orange, by the buyer) and returns (yellow, from the buyer). 


Columns explained

Campaign - the name of the campaign or campaigns you are summarizing. 

Supplier - the names of the suppliers you have selected for the report. 

SSID - the sub supplier name that is associated to the supplier and the lead breakdown related to them.

Leads - The total amount of leads submitted 

Valid - Total leads passed LeadBytes validation and accepted into the system

Invalid - Total leads that did not pass validation. 

CR% - Percentage of valid leads provided by the supplier

Pending - Leads pending coming into the system.

Reject - Leads rejected by the buyer / remote system associated to the campaign

Approved - Leads approved by the buyer / remote system on the campaign* 

Returns - Leads returned by the buyer / remote system

CR% - The second one of these is the percentage of leads accepted by the buyer / remote system

Cost - Cost of the leads bought pulled from the payouts specified at campaign level.

eCPL - Effective cost per lead which is calculated as the cost divided by the valid lead count.

Revenue - Revenue of the leads based on the payout from the buyer set up. 

Profit - Revenue minus cost 

Currency - the currency that the monetary values are in. 


* If you are on a pay per lead accept approved will match valid

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