Using Rules In Your Delivery


Head to the Delivery in question by clicking the Delivery tab > Manage Deliveries and selecting your Delivery. Alternatively, you can create a new Delivery.

 Once your fields have been configured, scroll down to the Rules section. Here, you can set up any number of Rules that will dictate which leads are fired through this Delivery.

For example, let's start with the field "Email" 

Image 2022-11-18 at 11.01.15 AM

 If you select the field "contains" and enter a value such as "", any lead that contains a gmail address will be delivered.

Likewise, you can select "does not contain" and all gmail account leads will be excluded.

If you wish to manipulate data that is related to geographical values, you can use any of the following fields:

By simply selecting "contains", "is", "does not contain", you can easily pinpoint any area you want specific leads from, in any given delivery.

If you are concerned about regulations and opt-ins, you can choose to post a lead based on the client's consent. 



You can also select "Opt-URL" and "Opt-in Date" to further handle data regarding GDPR or applicable legislation in your region.



By choosing Opt-in Date, followed by "is not BEFORE", you can decide to deliver only leads that have opted in on a certain date:


This selection also gives you a lot more options regarding dates such as:



You can also specify demographics such as "Age" and "Gender. This allows you to separate the leads according to your needs. In this example, we will only select leads that are male and over 18. This is easily done by clicking on "Add Rule", selecting "And", and then selecting "Gender" + "is" + "Male":

Special Fields

LeadByte also has numerous special fields you can use in your Rules. They are listed below:

  • Age - calculated from DOB
  • Address - combines building, street1, street2, towncity, county, postcode fields into a single field
  • Delivered Time - the timestamp of the lead being Delivered
  • Revenue - the amount that your Buyer paid for the lead
  • Supplier Commission - the amount that you have paid your Supplier for the lead


Q: I want to send Supplier specific leads to certain Buyers, how do I achieve this?

A: You would use the "SID is X" rule, ensuring that the "X" value in the mentioned scenario is the SID value found on the Supplier's information page (under Campaigns>Suppliers>Manage Suppliers>Select>Edit


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