LeadByte SMS Domain Down


You've received an email warning you that your LeadByte SMS domain is down. This is simply to inform you so you can take action in order to fix this issue if you were not already aware.

If you were actually looking for how to set up a custom SMS domain - click here

Custom SMS domains are the responsibility of the owner and not LeadByte to maintain, however, we check each domain periodically (every 2 minutes) to ensure that your clicks aren't being sent to a dead link and costing you money.


If we detect that your domain has been down for 2 consecutive checks we will alert you via the email shown below:



If you are aware of this domain being down or you are working on the issue actively and don't want the notifications any further we've provided you with the option to turn these notifications off by following the below video:




To prevent you from being spammed with notifications, we will auto-disable these notifications after you've received 3 consecutive "Domain Up > Domain Down" alerts. You can re-enable these at your leisure by following process recorded above in reverse.


Common Downtime Reasons

There are numerous reasons for your SMS domain being flagged as down, either temporary or permanent:

  1. There are DNS issues with your domain/hosting provider. This may be a temporary issue but is worth checking. This is common when you see the alert behaviour from LeadByte as being “Domain Up” > “Domain Down” > “Domain Up” > “Domain Down”.
  2. Your IT department have removed the CNAME record on your DNS console. This is a Permanent error and It happens more often than you'd think.
  3. Your IT department have migrated to new Name Servers and have not migrated the CNAME DNS entry.

In the event that the CNAME record has been removed, you will need to add it back in. The value for the record is trksms.leadbyte.co.uk. (Don’t forget the DOT on the end).


If you've got any concerns or questions about the above, feel free to raise a support ticket and we'll assist as soon as we can.

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