Lead Activity Report



This report will allow you to keep updated with your lead volume per campaign.


You can report on:

Leads (Valid + Invalid)

Valid leads (Leads accepted into your campaign)

Invalid leads (Leads rejected from your campaign, found in system rejections)

Approved leads (Valid leads which have Supplier Payout attributed)

Rejected leads (Valid leads which have NO Supplier Payout attributed)

Returned leads (Previously approved leads, which have since been returned by your buyer)


The Report Itself 



The above example is generated for the current month, the line graph below the table shows:

Leads (Blue)

Valid leads (Green)

Invalid leads (Red)

Approved leads (Orange)

Rejected leads (Black)

Returned leads (Yellow)

Your results table can be exported as CSV file or an XLS file if you'd prefer to open this in a spreadsheet.



You can choose to generate a report in a specific time zone (under the Timezone dropdown)

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