Lead Activity Report


In this article you will learn how to run a Lead Activity Report.

This report helps you understand when leads are coming in and where from, if they're valid, rejected, etc.


Step 1 - Click on "Reports"

Step 2 - Scroll down and click on "Open Report" under Lead Activity

Step 3 - Select desired Campaign, define the fields and click on "Run Report"

You can define what fields you wish data to be filtered through, such as "Date range", "Show data" (this specifies if you want to see valid leads, rejected leads, etc.). 

Now that you've run the report, you can analyze the data according to your specs. For example, in this particular sample we can see that there is a total of 118 leads on the 26th, 217 leads on the 27th and 327 on the 29th.

Out of those, we can see that we have around 90 valid leads when the total is 118, and 205 when the total is 327, as time increases.

For illustration purposes, a red arrow was created to indicate the increase in leads as time progresses and some of the values were blurred.

Regarding invalid leads, we can see they grow from 50 to around 110.


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