Encrypting/protecting your data


When it comes to encrypting your data, you have a few options.

Using a Delivery you can encrypt certain fields using MD5 or SHA256.

If using an export schedule, you can Zip your file and Password protect it. We also support SFTP.

Encryption on a Delivery

Step 1 - Start by heading to your deliveries or by creating a new delivery:


 Step 2 - In the Main Details section, scroll to "Encryption type" and select either MD5 or SHA256 from the drop-down list



Step 3 - Scroll down to Custom Data Mappings and using the bottom most row, select the fields you wish to encrypt



Step 4 - If necessary, select the field options you'd like to include in your hash key



Password protecting an Export Schedule

Step 1 - Start by heading to your export schedules or by creating a new export schedule: 


Step 2 - Scroll down to Compression and set your a Password and you're all set!



Using SFTP 

SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol. It's a Secure Shell encrypted pathway to send your data.

Step 1 - Scroll down the export schedule page and select FTP (1), then under "FTP details" select "Add New FTP Details" and fill in the required information.
Step 2 - Under FTP Mode, select SFTP (2), test the connection (3) by clicking on "Test Connection" and you're all set!
Please don't hesitate to raise a support ticket with any questions you may have.



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