Translating Values on Delivery


In this article we cover the matter of being able to translate values when Delivery data to another system (via Delivery) or when exporting leads using Export Schedules.  The way in which you store data in LeadByte may not be the way that your Buyer (client) requires the data to be formatted; this is where translating values helps.

Against every lead you collect Date of Birth and it is stored in LeadByte as DD/MM/YYYY.  You work with different Buyers two of which require the format differently.  The first requires Date of Birth in the format YYYY-MM-DD and the other Buyer requires it as MM-DD-YYYY.  

Translate Values via Delivery
When you create a delivery, you have the option to translate values under the Custom Data Mappings section.  The video below shows how you can translate the three fields:

- The first converts Last Name into UPPER CASE

- The second changes the DOB format

 - The third changes Gender from Male to 0 and Female to 1.



Translate Values via Export Schedules
The same function is available when exporting leads under the section Set Field Display / Order.  Below is a video showing you how to achieve the same output but via the Export Schedule.




Q - Am I limited on what fields I can translate?

A - No, however the field type will depend on what translation option is available.

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