Understanding Campaign Fields - 🎥



 When setting up a campaign we have a range of "Standard" fields to choose from but if you need to add in additional parameters we have given the ability to do this too.

Head to the campaigns tab > manage campaigns > select + define fields and scroll past the standard fields to the bottom of the page:


Mandatory - This field denotes whether the field is required or optional

Label - The name of this field on integration guides/reports/exporting leads

API - Ticking this will make your field show on the integration guide as standard. Required fields are shown automatically

Format - Choose the casing of your lead data

Mask - You can hash sensitive data for an extra level of security

Data Type - Choose what kind of data you will allow to be posted into this field

Add field - Adds a new row underneath the last available row

Remove Field - Removes the current row

Options - Select various additional options for this fields. Includes allowed values.

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