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This article covers everything regarding export counts to include WHY you would use Export Counts in your business with examples.  Export Counts are a bolt on feature!

"Export counts have enabled me to better optimise my Facebook campaigns but knowing which campaigns are generating the most amount of revenue.  My VA's use the tool to better understand what demographics are working best for my clients based on real lead data.  I have 3X'd my revenue from this feature"

Where can I find Export Counts?
If you have this feature enabled you can locate it under the Export tab.


How does it work?

From the export counts screen you would select the campaign you want to query and the date range.  Once you have selected a campaign you can select up-to 6 fields to query to include standard, custom fields and the Buyer and Delivery reference.  Against each field you can select an Operator to get the exact data you want to see.

Why would I use export counts?

Export counts enable you to extract counts against any field on your campaign, which is more flexible than the reports that are available on your account.  Think of export counts as a campaign field query tool!  With every query you can download the results (stats) or export the data from the export screen.

This enables you to:
- Get insights in to specific lead data
- Get insights into what Ad Campaigns, Ad Sets or Ads are generating the most revenue and optimise your ad campaigns

Use cases vary dependent across clients that use the feature subject to what they want to see.  For example, you may wish to see how many leads you have in Campaign X who are Male, under 25 & live in Town X,Y and Z.  You may also wish to see all leads that have been generated against a specific Facebook Ad within a Adset and how much revenue that has generated

Examples of using export counts

In the following examples, this is based on a client that generates leads in the cell phone space from Facebook to provide context.  Permission has been granted to use stats by the client.

1. Show me leads generated in the last 7 days where people are in Full-Time Employment


2. Show me which cell phone networks are generating the most amount of revenue


3. Show me revenue by Facebook Adset


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