Export Counts


Export Counts allows you to pinpoint a target audience based on fields posted into LeadByte.

For example:

Show me how many leads I have in campaign X who are MALE, under 25 & live in area xxxxxxx. 

The way that most clients look to use export counts is twofold:  running off second use data OR querying their data for numbers and insight. 

1. Running of a second use data file

When clients have large data volumes in their account of compliant opt in data and they need to provide a file for their clients of certain postcodes, genders, data ranges etc.. 
What export counts allows you to achieve is the quick and efficient grouping of data and then the export thereafter. An example I will show is:
A buyer has come to me and they have asked for a run off of males that are located in Chester.
This is how I would use export counts to action the above:



2. Gathering insights

This can be used if you are looking to run counts of certain volumes of data values. 
In the below image I am counting how many of each gender I generated in the month of September. 


You can use the feature for all counting or grouping needs.

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