Why can't I enable my new Delivery?


The Issue

You've created a brand new Delivery but LeadByte won't let you enable it. You're seeing the error -


LeadByte needs you to get a successful test before enabling a Delivery to prevent issues further down the line with live leads.



After creating your Delivery, you'll need to test it and receive a success response in order to move it from Saved > Inactive. Once in Inactive, you're able to enable and move the Delivery to Active.


To test your Delivery, fill in the sample values on your Delivery, populate the Remote System Responses section and hit the "Test" button at the bottom of the screen.

Guidance on your mapping your Remote System Responses found here -

Remote System Responses


You're looking for a response which matches your mapped "success response". LeadByte will show the below when successful - 

After the above green banner has been shown make sure you save the delivery!


Now it's as simple as selecting "Enable" or "Disable" to change the status of your Delivery: 



Q - It's impossible for me to get a successful test response, can I just skip this and push the delivery live anyway?

A - Yes! When testing, you'll see an option to "Mark delivery as Inactive". Tick this and save, you'll find your delivery has moved to Inactive and can be enabled.

PLEASE NOTE - You should only do this if you're confident the delivery will be successful when active. Else your live leads will be marked as undelivered.

Q - I am getting the error "" when attempting to enable my Delivery, why is this?

A - The Delivery you're attempting to enable has "On Success, Trigger Delivery" ticked, where the selected manual trigger type Delivery needs to be enabled first.

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