Live Buyer Responses (For Suppliers)


This article covers the following:

1. The difference between Lead Accept Vs Delivery Accept
2. How a supplier can get the sold/unsold status of a lead using the POST & POLL method
3. Development options (if your suppliers can not to #2)
4. Processing Times - what affects the speed of a response 

This is ONLY relevant for Suppliers submitted via the REST API.

Lead Accept Vs Delivery Accept
When you set up a campaign, you have the option to pay a supplier based on System Accept or Buyer Delivery Accept.  System accept is when your LeadByte campaign accepts the lead (passes duplication for example).  Buyer Delivery Accept is when a Buyer Delivery (AKA Buyer Contract) is successful.  


If you only want to pay a supplier when you sell the lead, you would select Buyer Delivery Accept.  This is the most common option if you are brokering leads.  You would typically select System Accept if you buy leads for your own business and/OR do not send them onto another system.  It is important to set this up correctly!

How a supplier can get the sold/unsold status of a lead
We do not keep connections open here at LeadByte, which means when a lead is submitted we system accept or system reject the lead immediately.  If the lead is system accepted and your campaign is setup to pay your suppliers on a Buyer Delivery Accept, your supplier will need to POLL for an update/outcome as the payout will always be "Pending".

Post & Poll Method

1. Create the Supplier integration guide for Campaign. Make sure you select Optimised REST API


2. The Supplier will submit (post) their leads.  This is the POST URL.  The guide will take them through the payload.


3. They will get back a response with a QueueID


4. They will then need to POLL for an update using the URL below, replacing the {queueRef} with the ID from the response.  Instructions are in the integration guide.


5. They will then see the result (Example below).  Status Approved means the lead is billable to the Supplier (AKA Sold).



Development options (if your suppliers can not to #2)

It may be that your suppliers can not Post & Poll and as a result need an end point where they get back the response from the first request.  To do this, you will need to build a script that performs the Post & Poll action and sends back the response to the supplier.  You will need to host the script yourself.  If this is something that you are not able to do, we can arrange for a script to be built and hosted for you.  There will be a charge for writing the script and hosting it.  You can speak to support about your options.  It is subject to volumes.

Processing Times - what affects the speed of a response in a Buyer Delivery Accept environment
For many suppliers, speed is key especially if they can sell the lead to another Buyer in the chain.
The speed at which a supplier gets back a response on whether a lead has been sold or not depends on two factors:

1. Whether your account is on shared LeadByte resources (as opposed to dedicated processing)
2. How long it takes to get back a sold lead from your Buyer's system

If you need dedicated processing, this will require you to upgrade. You can speak to support about your options.  Pricing is subject to volumes.

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