Customer SMS Opt-out Options and How To Request


As you may know, to send marketing messages you need to have a valid opt-out path in the body of the message you are sending to allow the customer to be removed from any further communication. See the below table for options:


Method Example
- Virtual Long Number (VLN) 447393926xxx
- Keyword on a shortcode STOP to 644xx
- Opt-out URL


Which option is best for me?

The best option depends on what is available. Some countries do not support all of the above methods. We would always advise you to take out a VLN or a keyword on a shortcode, only use a URL if the other options are not available.

How do I request a number? 

These numbers need to be ordered via the networks so you need to raise a ticket stating the country in which you need the opt-out and one of the support team will order and get back to you.

How much does it cost?

The cost will change from country to country, none are the same as each country has its own prices.  Reach out to support to get a quote. 

How long will it take once ordered? 

Again this will depend on the country. Some numbers like the UK we have readily available for same-day usage, however, other countries like Germany have a lead time of around 2 - 3 weeks.

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