Landing Page Builder


What is the Landing Page Builder?

LeadByte provides you with the ability to create responsive landing pages and transfer your form registration data securely to your LeadByte list. 



How do I access this tech?

To access this feature you will first need to reach out to your account manager who will give you your login details. 

If you have a PRO or ELITE account you get the website builder for free. 

To access please request your login details from your account manager and head over HERE


How do I send leads from my landing page form to LeadByte?

Make sure you've set your REST API key up within LeadByte before continuing.

This article describes the process for you.

In order to link your landing page form with LeadByte select the form > settings. Under the integrations tab you should see an option for LeadByte. Fill in the end point URL and API Key and you'll be able to choose which campaign you want to post into:

 Make sure your form fields are correctly mapped to your LeadByte form fields and you should now be able to test your form!


Please don't hesitate to raise a support ticket if you have any questions or concerns.

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