Manually processing a lead against a delivery


The following aims to show you how to manually push leads to an API end point (Buyer's CRM, ESP, Dialler etc).  In this step by step guide, you will also see how you can edit a lead before re-delivering.

Why would I re-deliver leads?
Various reasons, however, the most common include:
a) the remote system was down.
b) the remote system needs a copy of the leads again.
c) the data you have collected is incorrect and needs adjusting.

Why would I need to edit data against the lead?
In an ideal world you should not edit data unless there is good reason to do so, but here is an example.  This section of the article has been written off the back of a client seeing some of their leads rejected because of an incorrect date against the field "Vehicle Year" for an Auto Warranty product.  In the instance of one lead, the year was submitted as 2025, when it should have been 2015.  As a result, the buyer kicked back the lead.  Our client needs to edit the data and re-deliver the lead with the adjustment.

Is the re-submission immediate?
Re-delivery queues the lead to be processed so this depends on how many leads are being re-delivered.  Assuming you have no leads in the queue already, if you are re-delivering 1,000 leads I would wait 5 minutes.  The time it takes to get a response will also be dependent on the speed of the endpoint.

How do I know the re-delivery has happened?
When a lead is rejected, marked as a red BID (Buyer ID), a successful re-delivery turns the BID value green. If after 5 minutes it is still red, hover over the BID to see if you have a different error from the buyer.  In many cases, we have seen the lead rejected again because the buyer is requesting more data values or it's marked as a dupe still.

IMPORTANT READ: When re-delivering the lead, be sure to select the correct delivery.  In some instances, you may have more than 1 delivery linked to a campaign (list) so it's important to send it to the correct endpoint.


Skip Rules

If you wish to re-deliver leads that have not been assigned to a buyer because of a rule mis-match, you can do this by ticking the "Skip rules" option shown below.

Image 2020-06-08 at 12.53.38 PM.png

This would be commonly used if a lead is not assigned to a Buyer (because of the mis-match) but you have later agreed to deliver those leads to the buyer.


It is also worth noting that redelivered leads will ignore a cap on your delivery.

Deliver specific count of leads from All Results

When delivering leads manually to another system from the leads screen you have the option to select leads you have queried OR base it on All Results. We have added the feature to enable you to enter in a specific count of leads and base it on the most recent, oldest or randomise selection.  See the video below:


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