-18 Lead Rejected for Security Reasons


As a security measure, LeadByte rejects and does not store rejections for any leads which contain HTML elements or Script elements.

The lead will be rejected with a -18 message and you will NOT see this rejection in your System Rejections screen. We don't store these rejections for your own system health.


While LeadByte as a platform is secure from attacks of this manner, your Users and your Buyers may not be!


As an example - 

  1. A lead is pushed into LeadByte with a malicious script included in the lead data.
  2. LeadByte is unaffected by this script due to our security settings.
  3. The lead is then delivered to your Buyer's CRM which is then negatively impacted by the malicious script.


Q - My Supplier claims their leads are being rejected with -18 error code but they do not contain any HTML or Scripting. What's going on?

A - Have your Supplier provide an example of a rejected lead and we'll investigate for you.


Feel free to raise a support ticket if you have any further questions.

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