Create Deliveries via REST API


This feature allows you to create Buyer Deliveries via our REST API, another feature which assists you with automating your processes!

Only SMS, Email & Store Leads can be created via the API, these deliveries MUST use Buyer credit and be included in an Evenly Weighted distribution model.


Getting Started

In order to search via the REST API, you'll need a REST API key with the correct permissions.

Head to the Admin tab > Tech Hub > REST API to get started:

1) Create yourself an Administrator Key

2) Ensure the Administrator Key has the Delivery > Create permission

3) Activate your Administrator Key


Creating your Delivery

In order to create your Delivery, you'll be making a JSON Post to the below URL:


Body -

Parameter Required? Description
campaign_code Yes Campaign Reference
delivery_type Yes Which type of delivery to create (Store Lead / Email / SMS)
credit_amount Yes Add credit amount to buyer. Use 0 for no credit added.
sms_recipient Yes Send SMS to recipients (only if delivery_type = SMS)
email_recipient Yes Send Email to recipients (only if delivery_type = Email)
delivery_name Yes Name of delivery
revenue Yes Add revenue to delivery
bid Yes Buyer ID
company Yes Your buyer name (only if create_buyer = yes)
rules No Used to create rule for delivery
field No Used to determine which field is checked on your rules
operator No Specifies which rule operator is used
value No Which values are checked in the rule
create_buyer No Yes = Create a buyer
No = Does not create buyer
street1 No Buyer address
towncity No Name of town/city
county No Name of county
postcode No Postcode
country_name No Name of country
phone No Phone number
external_ref No Buyer external reference
external_ref_2 No Buyer external reference 2
external_ref_3 No Buyer external reference 3
external_ref_4 No Buyer external reference 4
external_ref_5 No Buyer external reference 5


Headers -


You're expecting to see the following success response -

	"status": "Success",
	"message": "Delivery record created",
	"deliveryId": 1234



Q - I'm looking to ONLY create a Buyer, no delivery, can I do this?

A - Sure thing. Check this article instead - Create Buyers via REST API


As always, if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to raise a support ticket.

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