Campaign Transfer


Within LeadByte, you have the ability to transfer leads from one Campaign to another using a Delivery. This can be achieved in two ways:

Standard Campaign Transfer

Zight 2024-2-28 at 13.57.40

You would use the Campaign Transfer Action when you simply want to send a lead from Campaign A to Campaign B. This method of Delivery uses the Classic GET.

JSON Post via the REST API

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You would use the Direct Post Action with the JSON Post Remote System when you want to send a lead from Campaign A to Campaign B but via the REST API. This is if Campaign B is setup for Quarantine, as you can only Quarantine leads when they are submitted via the REST API or imported. 

To achieve this, generate an integration guide for the Campaign you wish to send the lead to, whilst also ensuring you are using a REST API key that has the Create and Read permissions ticked. 

Add the API code onto the Delivery as per the Integration Guide with the relevant X_KEY header (this is in the payload if using 1.2):

Zight 2024-2-28 at 14.11.33

Add the Remote System Response as the below:

Test the Delivery to ensure the leads are being sent with no issues and save and enable the Delivery.

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