In this article we take you through the steps to submit form registration data from GetLeadForms (GLF) to a LeadByte Campaign using their Webhook feature to submit data to our classic API.

To successfully submit data to LeadByte you will need to:

- Have a GLF account
- Have access to their Webhook feature
- Generate an integration guide for your LeadByte Campaign

Step 1 - Add Webhook
Add your LeadByte Webhook Post URL.  You add this under the "Lead-Delivery" section of your GLF form. 

Your LeadByte Webhook URL should be (replace INSERT accordingly):

Step 2 - Map Fields
You need to map the GLF fields to your LeadByte Campaign fields.  Navigate to "Steps" within your GLF form and scroll down to Form Fields.  You need to (1) Edit the field, (2) enter in the LeadByte field name i.e. phone1 and (3) set the value type to string.


Step 3 - Test
Once you have mapped your fields you should publish your form and test.  If you do not see the lead under your LeadByte "Leads" tab, remember to check your System Rejections tab in case the request was rejected.

YouTube Video walkthrough



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