Creating an SMS responder


Step 1 - Select "Responders". 

Step 2 - Select "Add New Responder Campaign".

 Step 3 - Select Trigger 

           1. Time-Based - EG Send instantly when lead arrives or x amount of time. More on Time-Based responders

           2. Event-Based - EG When a link is clicked/not clicked on SMS A send SMS B.More on Event-Based responders

Step 4 - Give your responder a reference/name.

Step 5 - Select the campaign (data) you would like to target.

Step 6 - IMPORTANT - Select your suppression list (System will check campaign list does not contain any numbers from this list and remove if found). 

Step 7 - Select a linked supplier (If applicable).  If the responder should be sent to all leads, leave blank.

Step 8 - Choose a Marketing category (If applicable). More on Marketing Categories

Step 9 - Pick an Advertiser (If applicable). More on Advertisers

Step 10 - Choose a pause between time (If applicable) EG Do not send messages between 5pm and 8am.

Step 11 - This is an additional option Rules

Step 12 - Select rule - EG If the lead details show they are over 18, Send, if not, Dont.

Step 13 - Enter a name you would like to appear as the sender name on the test message.  Remember, if you have not been allocated a Virtual Number then you will need a stop mechanism that is functional.  If the Sender Name (for example) is "WebTeam" it is not possible to reply back to this so we need to ensure you have a functional opt-out mechanism.  Please raise a ticket to request a solution (we have a few options).

Step 14 - Choose "template" for a pre-built message or "manual" to create freehand.  It is easier to create manual.  You can however create template under Responders > Templates.

Step 15 - Create the body of your message and add in personalisation with the "Personalise" tab.  If you have added a custom domain then you can insert one.  Custom domains enable you to use your own domain in an SMS and track clicks.  The benefit of custom domains too is that you can redirect to looooooooong affiliate URL's and pre-pop destination form fields if that is an option.

Step 16  - Choose a time to fire SMS when lead is dropped.   

Step 17 - Save PUSH. 

Step 18 - Want to see what the message looks like on your phone? Hit "Test Push". 




1. Add Push - If you want to send a follow-up message after a given amount of time, select this and follow above instructions.

2. Test Push - See you SMS in action by sending a message to yourself.  Remember to select your country and use local format.  If you get an error, don't worry.  Reach out to support.

3. Edit Push - To make amendments to shown push. 

4. Delete Push - Is what is says on the tin. Select if you want to delete.




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