Creating an email responder


Marketing from LeadByte consists of two types, Email & SMS. In this article, you'll learn how to create a simple one-push email campaign. 


Type - Select Email

Reference - Used throughout the system to identify this responder

Linked Campaign - The Campaign associated with the responder. Leads entering this campaign will receive the email

Suppression List - You can select a suppression campaign to ensure that emails OR SMS are not sent IF the email or mobile/cell number exists.

Linked Suppliers - Specify which suppliers leads will receive emails. Selecting ALL will not deliver to "Blank" suppliers.

Pause between - Stop emails being sent for a set time period eg 9PM - 9AM. Any leads that come into the system after the pause between time will be added to a queue and sent at the restart time.  Note, the pause between function works when leads hit the system between the times you have set.

Status - Active/Inactive 


You have the option to create rules for your responders.  An example would be to send pushes only if the additional field "Gender" equals Male.  Another example may be to target leads based on postcode or a town/city.


Default sender Info - Applied to ALL Pushes in the campaign but can be edited once you begin setting up a Push


Push Name - Used throughout the system to identify the Push

From Name - Name that appears in the inbox (Company/product name)

Subject - Subject line of the email (Short tag-line)

Sender Details - Select sender details for THIS PUSH ONLY. Click "View" to edit the email suffix.


Create from a template - Use an existing template from your library

... URL - Scrape email HTML from a URL 

... Editor - Use WYSIWYG editor to create email/paste HTML

Link tracking - Track links for LeadByte reporting

Schedule - Set number of WEEKS, DAYS, HOURS or MINUTES you want the message to be sent after the lead received time/date.  You can also create a push based on a campaign DATE/TIME field with an offset.

Next Steps

Once you have input all of your push settings you must "Save Push" before (optionally) adding another. You can also use "Test Push" to check your email to your own address.  Save Changes will save all Responder + Push info and make the responder live on the Campaign if you have checked the "Activate responder campaign" button. 


You can personalise your emails using field values from the leads you collect.  Personalisation can be used within subject lines too.   Personalisation options are available by selecting the tag icon on the editor window.


If you pass in DOB into the standard field [dob] you can split out the values (day, month, year) using the following tags:


Subscription Management

We automatically append an unsubscribe footer (as below) to every email that is sent to your subscribers.  Note, that when testing a push the unsubscribe footer is not displayed.  


If you wish to add your own unsubscribe link in the email you can do so by declaring the following in the link: http://[unsubscribe].  You can see an example below of how this works in your LeadByte Editor.

Tips & Tricks 

Match your email From Name with your Sender details so that each Push uses an individual and recognisable email address in keeping with the offer/message you are sending to consumers.  Always use the Test Push button to ensure your HTML is exactly right. Once the campaign is active, your incoming leads will begin receiving emails which can't be corrected.

By default, all clients are placed on a shared sender domain and IP pool.  This does not guarantee delivery and as a result, if email responders are key to your success then you should speak to an account manager regards dedicated solutions.

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