Hosting images with LeadByte for email


It is common that HMTL images that form part of an email creative are not hosted externally, meaning that you have a local copy of the images on your computer that you need to be displayed when an email is opened.  There are two options; A) host the images on an external FTP and declare the image URL in the HTML B) host the images with LeadByte using the editor toolbar to upload the image into your library.

Adding the HTML
You have added the HTML that you want to send but it looks a little like this right?  That's because the images that form part of the HTML are actually stored locally on your machine (or are not loading from the remote server that they are hosted on).  

To add the images so that they display when you send an image you need to upload them to your LeadByte account, you can do this by selecting the image icon highlighted by the green arrow.  This will open a window where you can select the icon to browse your computer to upload the images (you can upload more than one). 

When you select this icon you are then presented with an image manager that will enable you to upload (select the upload icon top right) or create a folder to organise the files you upload.  Creating a folder is a good way to ensure that the images you upload are associated to a specific name, campaign, brand etc.  

When you have created your folder (not required) you can then upload your images from your computer. Select the "upload to server" button.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way of automating this, you will have to select the right image for the placeholder.

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