Hosting images with LeadByte for email


It is common that HMTL images that form part of an email creative are not hosted externally, meaning that you have a local copy of the images on your computer that you need to be displayed when an email is opened.  These images can be uploaded to LeadByte however, please note that to get the best from your email delivery all images should be hosted on the domain that you are sending from (not LeadByte).

Adding the HTML
To add the images so that they display when you send an image you need to upload them to your LeadByte account, here are the steps you need to take:

1) Select the area on the email where you want to add the image.
2) Select the image icon on the tool bar.
3) Upload from your computer

If you have an email with multiple images, you will need to do this for every image.  Again, our recommendation would be to host the images on the domain you are sending from and reference to file from the HTML email (rather than uploading).

Here is a video on how to upload following the steps above:

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