Leads (Home Screen)


What do I use the Leads (Home Screen) section for? 


Search for a lead


A very brief explanation of each field in the search box:

  • Campaign - Use this field to narrow down the leads to a specific campaign(s)
  • Date - The time frame you would like to search for your lead in
  • Fields - Any identifying elements of your leads to search for 
  • Country - Search for all leads within a country or countries
  • Delivery - Leads linked to a specific delivery or deliveries
  • Suppliers - Leads provided by a specific supplier or suppliers
  • Lead Activity - Filter by an additional action which has taken place on a lead
  • Method - The way the lead has entered your campaign
  • Sold Status - Distinguish between sold, unsold and returned leads
  • Delivery Status - Distinguish by which leads have successful or unsuccessful deliveries



Lead Table


A very brief explanation of each column heading:

  • ID - Each lead is assigned a unique Lead ID. Click this for further information, such as deliveries and financials, on your lead
  • Received - The Date/Time the lead was received by LeadByte. This is displayed in the timezone set under my account.
  • Record Summary - Click to see your lead data as it is stored in LeadByte
  • Campaign - The reference for the campaign which the lead has been assigned to.
  • SID - The supplier which provided the lead
  • Source - This is an optional data field that can be received against a lead. (eg SUBID)
  • Buyer - If you are selling leads to a Buyer then the BID will be presented here. When a lead is sold to a Buyer then it will show in green. Where a lead is sold to multiple buyers it will be displayed as "multiple"
  • Revenue - If you have entered in commission for sold leads, it will be shown here when sold
  • Delivery - If you deliver leads without assigning a buyer, the status of the delivery is presented here. Green is delivered, red is undelivered. Orange represents a partial delivery. You can filter deliveries as follows:
    • FULL - All deliveries have sent
    • PARTIAL - Some deliveries have failed (you can see the reasons why by clicking the value)
    • FAIL - All deliveries have failed
    • BLANK - No deliveries assigned to the lead



Other Functions


The drop down at the bottom of the screen can be used to update multiple leads:

  • Redeliver to remote system - For whatever reason, you may need to re-post the leads.  When you select this option the lead(s) will be queued for processing to re-send to the remote system.
  • Delete - Permanently delete any unwanted leads.  These are unrecoverable once you do this.
  • Return - Select this option to reverse statistic and commission for a given lead.  When you return a lead you have the option to reverse supplier payout (or not).
  • Unsubscribe (from) - All, Email, SMS.  This will mark lead(s) with the channel consent status as NO.  Responders and Bulk services check the channel consent status before sending.  
  • Resubscribe (to) - All, Email, SMS.  This will mark lead(s) with the channel consent status as YES.  Responders and Bulk services check the channel consent status before sending.  
  • Update Payout / Revenue - If you need to change financials associated to a lead(s).  Updating revenue is only possible against leads that have been approved.
  • Join Auto-Responder - This function will push the lead(s) you have selected to join an auto-responder campaign linked to the campaign.  Please note that, if you push historic leads to join the responder campaign, a new date will be created in the queue rather than using the Received date.


LeadByte-to-LeadByte Feedback Loop

If you are delivering leads to another LeadByte client where you are paid when your LeadByte client sells the lead successfully to their client (Pay Per Buyer Accept), leads are not marked as SOLD or UNSOLD until a response has been received from your clients buyer.  If a lead is successfully sold the lead in your portal is marked as green against the Buyer column, else it is marked as red (unsold).  

If your LeadByte client has configured all rejection reasons in their delivery setup to the buyer, the reason for the rejection will be sent back to you.  Below is an example of this, else it will be marked as unrecognised.  To find out what the reason for the rejection is, you would have to speak to your client (and encourage them to update their response codes).





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