Users have full account access unlike Suppliers and Buyers where access is restricted to a specific portal.  There are two type of Users - Administrator and Standard.  You can restrict Administrator rights however the standard user access is restricted by default.


Add Users
Admin > Users.  
Only Administrators can add users- this is done by selecting 'Add User' in the top corner of the 'Users' page: Image_2021-12-29_at_9.16.24_AM.jpeg

You can then determine the access rights as well as restricting access via IP address  (such as your office or home network) or country.

For details on how to do this:

Country access restrictions

Whitelisting IP addresses for account security

User Groups
You can create a group and assign users to a group.  This is predominantly used if you want a group of users to have access only to certain campaigns.

To do this, simply select 'Groups' on the Users page, then click on the 'Create Group' button that appears:


Campaign Permissions (users and user groups)
By default, campaigns are visible for "everyone" (all users).  You can restrict campaign access to certain users or user groups.  For example, you may wish to only give access to 1 campaign to a specific group, every other campaign would be invisible.



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