Users are LeadByte account owners.  Users would typically be your colleagues that login, create Campaigns, add Suppliers and generally manage the day-to-day.  There are two type of Users - Administrator and Standard.  

Add New User

You do this under Admin > Users.  Only Administrators can create Users.  When you create a User, you can do it manually or send an invite via email.  Either way, you will need to set the permissions so here follows some key points that you should know when creating a User.

User Details
If creating the User manually you must enter in the Name, Username, Email and Password.  The Username is used for login.  If you enter in a mobile number this can be used to receive 2FA, else email will be used.  Note, 2FA SMS is only available for UK numbers.  

User Permission & Access
When creating a User, you should think about access restrictions and permissions.  For the former you can restrict Country Access, restrict access by IP Address and enable 2FA.  All of which we advise you do.  When it comes to permissions, an Administrator can have access to all features unlike a Standard User that does not have access to the Admin tab and is not able to switch between users.

Portal Access
This is where you decide what a user should have access to.  This will be determined by their role, what they access LeadByte for.  If you are in doubt about what access to grant a user, feel free to raise a ticket.  If in doubt, set the User as a Standard user and remove any permission to Delete.

User Groups
You can create a group and assign users to a group.  This is predominantly used if you want a group of users to have access only to certain campaigns.  To do this, simply select the 'Groups' tab on the Users page, then click on the 'Add New User Group' button.


Q. Do users stay active indefinitely?
A. No, Users will automatically be move to Inactive after 60 days

Q. Can I see when Users login?
A. Yes, you can see when a User logs in under Admin > Permissions & Access > Account Activity


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