Sample Values


This articles covers how sample values can be used and how you can update sample values against standard fields and how to create them for custom fields.

Sample values are used for various aspects of testing within your account. For example, sample values are used when testing lead delivery to remote systems but are also used within the campaign > integration guides for purpose of adding values to an HTTPs post.

We encourage clients to edit sample values to ensure that they are unique to your business.  

To edit the default sample values go to campaigns tab > Settings > Sample Values (see below):


You can also set default additional fields, which makes things a lot easier if your campaigns share the same data fields.  You can access this under Campaigns > Settings > Default Additional fields (see image below).



Adding Sample Values for Custom Fields

Unlike standard fields, custom fields do not have (by default) sample values.  However, you are able to add sample values to the custom fields you create by following the method below.  


Against each custom field you can select “options” for additional features to include default values, default values IF the value against the lead is empty, regular expression and sample values.  When you enter a sample value against the custom field, this will show on integration guides, which you may share with your suppliers, IT Department or developer.


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