Reasons Your Leads Are Being Rejected


There may be scenarios where you suddenly start seeing a Rejected status on your incoming leads. Whether they're for one Supplier or Campaign, there are some key points to check.

First, we suggest you head to Leads > System Rejections. This will list your rejected leads if they have failed to match the criteria set when the Campaign was set-up. 

Reason for Rejection 

With every system reject there will be a Comment available within the Leads screen. Clicking on the Comment will display both the Error Code given by the system, these can identify issues quickly and are by far the most useful tool in fixing rejections.



With every Campaign, there can be a specific set of de-duplication rules created within the "Campaign Settings". If leads are being rejected you should make sure you have you Key Field set properly as well as any other lists you may be de-duping against.



If you have Validation services set up on a Campaign it may be that Leads are being rejected based on failed validation. It is important to check the values being passed through the validation services (correct format), that your validation settings are correct and; if you're using an external service, all login credentials and balances are correct.



Suppliers settings provide a great deal of control over your campaigns so it is essential to manage them correctly. Incorrect supplier settings can be a reason for lead rejection so you should check for incorrect or blank SID being sent over with the lead and that suppliers sending leads are "Allowed" under the Campaign settings.



When using a posting URL there are a few points which can cause leads to be rejected. Clicking on the "Comments" for a rejected lead will show you the URL posting into the campaign, this can be used to identify formatting problems and potential issues with fields. When creating the Campaign it is also important to ensure that "Required" and "Optional" fields are correct, a lead will only be accepted when all Required fields are present.



Filters provide a clean and logical way of organising what goes into a Campaign and what doesn't. How complex a filter rule it is up to you but it is important to fully understand and test a rule to avoid rejecting leads you want and accepting leads you don't. If you're seeing leads being rejected and have a filter in place, always double check your settings as filters can be easily fixed saving you time and leads.



Lead Caps are provided to make it easy to monitor and control the volumes of leads being sent by suppliers. Reaching a cap could mean that leads are being rejected for an entire list or just for one supplier so check your caps and correct where needed. Always keep suppliers informed of caps so that feeds can be turned off, avoiding wasted leads.

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