Responders explained


 An Autoresponder will automatically push a message you have determined to your leads via either email or SMS. You can use rules to determine which leads get sent a message.


Search Box

Use this section to look for a particular responder or narrow down the amount of responders on screen.

Autoresponder Summary

Use the Active/Inactive/Saved/Archived tabs to filter between various responder statuses

Use the "select" option to enable/disable, copy or edit your responders.

The dropdown at the bottom of the page allows you to disable/delete multiple responders at the same time.


Email autoresponder

In order to set up an email autoresponder you'll need to have an email route set up.

In order to complete this please follow this article and raise a ticket with the information included in the "What we need from you" section.

If you already have an email route set up then please follow this article for help setting up


SMS autoresponder

In order to set up an SMS autoresponder please follow the article here.

Contact your account manager or raise a support ticket for more information on the costs of sending SMS

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