System Rejections and what they mean.


What do I need to know about System Rejections?

This section is where all your leads fall when they have failed validation. By validation, this could mean incorrect format used, phone number not in the correct country, failed mobile validation, lead does not meet requirements to name a few.  

Below you will see a table with rejection codes and what each code means which will be linked to each lead that falls into system rejections:

Rejection Code Reason
-2 Duplicate or Resubmission Lead submitted has already been submitted.
-3 Remote System Error Reach out to Support for more information.
-4 Campaign Cap Reached You have set a lead cap on this campaign which has been reached. Leads will be rejected until the next available window.  
-5 Validation Error Lead has failed standard validation.
-6 Filter failure Your lead has been rejected due to a filter mismatch.
-7 Supplier Not Authorised  You have not authorised the supplier to post into the given campaign.
-8 HLR Rejection  Phone number entered is not real/dead/unreachable.
-9 Campaign Not Active Campaign is not active/switched to live.
-10 PAF Rejection  Postcode does not exist.
-11 IP Address Blocked IP has been blocked
-12 Email Rejection Email address does not exist
-13 Landline Rejection Phone number does not exist
-14 IP Address Country Rejection IP address is not located in the county assigned to this campaign.
-15 Number Matched on TPS Database Matched on the Telephone Preference Service list.
-16 Number Matched on DNCR Database 

Matched on the Do Not Call Register list.

-18 Lead rejected for security reasons

The Lead contained HTML or Scripting. Read more here.

-100 Internal Error

Internal error



Why do I need to check this?

If you are having issues posting leads into a campaign for whatever reason this should be your starting point if you/supplier is getting an error code. This page will provide you with the reason for the failure.


If you have any questions or concerns when it comes to your system rejections, don't hesitate to raise a support ticket.

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