HLR (Mobile Validation)


The HLR Lookup service is great for resolving issues with Mobile Number Portability and reducing costs by utilizing the results of the real-time lookup. 

How it works
Once a mobile number is provided we ping a check to the network in question such as 02, Vodafone etc who will respond with the status of the number. This could be status such as "number does not exist" to "number valid". You can then determine what you want to do with that information like accept or reject a lead.

You have a few different options when choosing to check your data:

1) Campaign Level
Select edit or create a new campaign and scroll down to a section called "Validation Services". Select enable and configure your options. This will turn on validation for real-time leads and the option to select number validation when importing a file into a campaign. 

You may want to use live validation on your data capture forms. If so you will need to create a key and configure your requirements under ADMIN > TECH HUB > REST API. Once done follow the instructions provided at the bottom of the page to embed on your given form. For more info please check this article.

3) Verify (Bulk upload tool)
We give you the ability to take a file, import it into the system and populate the result to the original file. To do this head over to the tab named "Verify" here:




HLR is a PAID FOR service, please raise a support ticket for pricing.


Please note - 

This service is not 100% accurate. We rely on clients verifying the validity of these checks with their buyer.

Networks are often unaware of issues on their route until clients flag them up.

This isn't to discourage you from using the service, but just to make you aware.

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