Hybrid Rule Groups


If you've got multiple Hybrid groups each with a common rule, you could use this feature to save you having to add the rule to each delivery!

LeadByte will ensure any leads which don't match the ruleset skip that group entirely.


Where can I create these rules?

Find existing and create new Hybrid Rule Groups under your Campaigns tab > Settings > Hybrid Rule Groups. Set the rule you want any leads in the Hybrid group to align with.


In the example below, I only want leads 21 years of age and older - 



Rules created, now what?

Now it's time to head to your Advanced distribution setup (under the campaign settings) and set the rule on your chosen Hybrid group.


You can see where I've  added the rule onto this group below - 



Can I tell which deliveries have been skipped due to this Hybrid group rule mismatch?

Absolutely! As with all delivery "skips" we show a skipped reason under the Lead ID > Deliveries pop out.



Any confusion or concerns, raise a support ticket and we'll aim to assist.

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