Buster AI Cheat Sheet


Buster has a comprehensive knowledge of LeadByte and our documentation. He can address the majority of your inquiries, although he may not be flawless. Please inform us if he provides incorrect information. 

This article will cover how to get the most out of Buster AI.


Be Clear and Specific:

  • Start your conversation with a clear and specific prompt.
  • If you have a particular question or topic in mind, express it in a straightforward manner, whilst also providing the relevant information


Please provide the different types of Advanced Distribution in a bullet point format

outputs >

Image 2023-11-13 at 1.21.58 PM

Experiment with Prompting

  • If the initial response is not exactly what you're looking for, try rephrasing or providing more details in subsequent prompts.
  • Continuous questioning can help refine the bot's understanding of your request.


How to sell lead

outputs > 

As this is quite congested and some parts may be irrelevant, be more specific and provide context

How to sell leads via Google Sheets

outputs >

Short Is Always Sweet

  • If you want more concise answers, you can specify the desired length of the response to your query


Explain what a Buyer is in one sentence

outputs >

Image 2023-11-13 at 1.40.33 PM


1. Buster AI has provided incorrect information, how do I report this?

Please raise this as a Support Ticket to Sam and Sean, ensuring that you've quoted the time of your initial request to Buster.

2. Who is Buster?

Buster is our longest serving employee, CWO (Chief Woof Officer) and resident good boy


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