Responder Logs


Ever wondered the outcome of your Responders? Now you can check their end result on whether they've been skipped for a specific reason, are still pending or have been successfully sent.


Where do I find this information?

This feature is located by clicking on a Lead ID (Leads>Search Leads). Once selected, click the Responders Tab and it will display the Responders included in the Campaign.

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Skipped Reasons

The included skipped reasons can be, but are not limited to:

Skipped - Lead Email Unsubscribed

Skipped - No Lead Email Address

Skipped - Duplicate

Skipped - Daily Cap Reached

Skipped - SMS Send Failed

Skipped - Lead SMS Unsubscribed

Skipped - No Lead Mobile Number

Skipped - Email Send Failed

Skipped - Inactive Responder

Skipped - Inactive Push

Skipped - Exclusion Date List

Skipped - Rules

Skipped - Suppression Match

Skipped - Lead Status Mismatch


If you find that certain Responders are being unintentionally Skipped, you will need to amend the relevant settings on the Responder (changing Rules, Inactive Push etc).


Please note that this feature does not provide the deliverability of a Responder. It will only provide when and if the messages have been sent.

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