Submitting leads via the Classic API


The Classic API is our simplest form of submitting leads to LeadByte as you don't require an API key or any knowledge in JSON to get it set up.



Start by heading to Campaigns > Integration Guide and ensure "Basic GET API" is chosen in the dropdown - 



Follow the rest of the steps detailed in this guide if you need help generating an integration guide - 

Introduction to Integration guides - 🎥


Our Classic API uses a Form POST which looks something like the below - 



When submitting the lead you'll see either a success response - 


or a rejection response with a rejection reason included - 

{"response":"Email is required","timestamp":"2023-07-20T13:24:19Z","code":-5,"info":[],"leadId":null,"processTime":0.09}


Because we accept GET requests, you can even test by running these requests in your browser!


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