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Skipped Leads

1. What does the skipped reason "Delivery not in adv distro" mean?

When this box on your Deliveries' advanced settings is checked, the Delivery will be skipped unless enabled on Advanced Distribution. The Delivery shown in this screenshot with the red toggle is an example of one not enabled.

2. What does the skipped reason "Rule mismatch" mean?

The selected lead has been skipped because of your rule set on the Delivery level. An example of this is if you are choosing to only send the lead via the Delivery if the email address ends in hotmail.com 

Manually Assign a Buyer to a lead 

1. Can I select multiple leads to be assigned?

No. You can only assign one lead at a time.

2. Will the revenue against the delivery be auto-assigned?


3. How do I identify leads that have been manually assigned?

Select the ID of a lead and select Buyers or Deliveries. You will see the status as "Assigned".

Lead Quarantine

1. Can I UPDATE leads in Quarantine via the API? 
Yes. Further reading on this here - Update and processing quarantine leads via REST API

2. My leads are not being Quarantined, what would be the reason?  
Quarantine only works if you import leads or submit via the REST API as opposed to the classic.  REST API request URL would look like this: https://{account}.leadbyte.com/restapi/v1.2/leads

3. Is duplication and field validation done before a lead is Quarantined?


4. Is live validation (like Email, HLR) done before a lead is quarantined?
No.  This is a billable service, which we do not want to charge you for if we can avoid it.

5. When a lead is quarantine and then released, are delivery rules applied?
Duplication - Yes
Caps - Yes
Schedule - Yes
Rules - Yes

6. When a lead is quarantined on delivery skipped, does it get re-quarantined if there are no available deliveries?

Yes! By default, this process will cycle 3 times. However you can increase this to 7 times by heading to the advanced settings in your campaign.

7. Does Skipped Delivery Quarantine only work if it is a Buyer Delivery?
No, the logic is applied to ANY active delivery.

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