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The Blacklist Alliance integration aims to help you remain compliant when buying leads in the USA.  This service will mostly commonly be used by Lead Buyers and Lead Brokers.

When buying leads in the USA you need to be sure that you are TCPA compliant if you are engaging in telemarketing or SMS text marketing.  Other than doing your due diligence and having tight lead buying contracts in place, we advise that you go that step further and verify that leads you are buying are not listed so you avoid contacting abusive plaintiffs and class action lawyers.

When you enable The Blacklist Alliance integration on your USA LeadByte campaigns we will automatically check the lead is not on the registry.  Here are the steps you need to take to use the service:

Step 1 - Add your API Key

To use the service you need to open an account with The Blacklist Alliance.  You will be issued an API Key which you will need to add to your LeadByte account.  You can add it here:

Admin > Tech Hub > Validation Services

Under the section Telephone Preference Providers you will see The Blacklist Alliance.  Click credentials and add your API key.

Step 2 - Enable on your LeadByte Campaign

You will need to edit your Campaign and scroll down to Validation Services.  Under the section "TPS", when you enable it you can select the provider "The Blacklist Alliance".  You can validate against 1 phone number i.e. Phone1.  This service is only available against USA Campaigns.

Step 3 - Test

We advise that you submit a lead into the LeadByte Campaign you have enabled this service on.  If you submit a number that is listed i.e. 9999999999 you will see the lead rejected as "Number matched on Black List Alliance database"


Q. Am I charged by LeadByte for the lookups?
A. No, this is zero rated.  You are charged by The Blacklist Alliance

Q. If a lead is listed on the register can I see accept the lead?
A.  Yes.  You have the option to enable the function "Do not reject lead if fail" against the validation under the Campaign settings/

Q. Is this service available on the LeadByte Bulk Verify service?
A. No.  This is available when leads come in via the API (Classic and REST) and when leads are imported.

Q. Where can I find more about this service?

A. Read more about The Blacklist Alliance service here:


If you have any questions or concerns, please raise a support ticket.

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