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In this article we cover how to generate an Integration Guide, which is used to instruct your Suppliers or IT Department on how to submit leads into a Campaign.

> Generate Guide
> Basic Vs REST
> When NOT to select a Supplier
> Sharing a Guide
> Test Mode

Generate Guide
Once you have created a Campaign you can generate the instructions on how to get leads into the Campaign.  Navigate to Campaigns > Integration Guide.  It is here where you select the Method, the Campaign and the Supplier.  Regardless of the method you use you can select the fields you want to to show on the sharable guide or output on the screen.  Any required Campaign fields will be selected by default.

Basic Vs REST
The Basic allows you to submit data in a GET/POST string format.  The REST requires that you submit a JSON POST.  If you are not sure which one is right for you, contact support ELSE use Basic.  When using REST with Suppliers an API Key will be generated.  This authorises the Supplier to submit leads into your Campaigns.  It can be disabled anytime.  

Basic Example[email]&firstname=[firstname]&lastname=[lastname]

REST Example{"key": "APIKEY","lead": {"campid": "TEST","sid": "1","email": "[email]","firstname": "[firstname]","lastname": "[lastname]"}}

When NOT to select a Supplier

If you are generating your own leads but use Suppliers to represent your sources i.e. Facebook, Google etc you do not need to select the Supplier to generate the guide but you will need to reference the SID as a parameter value.  In the Basic method this would be &sid={value}.

If you are using REST method you should create an Admin Key first and not select the Supplier when you create your Guide.  When you select a Supplier using REST it generates a Key for that Supplier so, if you generate your own leads and want to rotate the SID value and Admin Key is best.  If you need any further information about how to set up your REST API key, this article should help

Sharing a Guide
If you want to send the Integration Guide to your Suppliers or IT Department you can click the "Open Guide" button and share the URL.

Test Mode
If you want to submit leads but not send them to your Buyer, skip validation and avoid sending Responders you can use the TestMode field when submitting leads.  Leads will show in orange on the lead screen and will not appear in your reports.  Testmode is a great way to ensure full lead data is coming into your Campaign.


Q: Why REST over Basic?
A: We are ultimately migrating to REST so you may as well use that now.  Furthermore, REST is built for faster processing, has it's own queuing system (minimises timeouts) and can be used for Live Buyer Responses.

Q: Why Basic over REST?
A: It is a simple GET/POST request.  Easy to implement for any Supplier or IT Department.

Q: How do I turn off test mode?

A: Simply remove the testmode= from your posting URL or untick the Test Mode box on your integration guide

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