Lead delivery options


We provide you with numerous way in which you can send leads; to include:

  • Post in Real-time to a Third Party API
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Export schedule via Email or FTP

Under the Delivery tab > Manage Deliveries you have the option to send leads to a third party system such as an ESP, Dialler or another CRM (like LeadByte).  To do this you will need the instructions on how to do so, this is typically in the form of our integration guide.  The integration guide should include the following:

  • Posting URL - e.g. www.mysystem/campaignname/yourID
  • All required fields and accepted formats 
  • Any access requirements to post, eg Password and user name
  • Acceptance response codes. eg "200 - Success"

Email and SMS
Under the Delivery tab > Manage Deliveries you also have the option to send leads via email and SMS.  You have the ability to personalise the email and SMS as you see fit.  Remember, with SMS you are limited to characters (160) so it should be short and sweet.

For more information on Real-time, Email and SMS, click on this article - Delivery

Export Schedules
This part of the system is used extensively by clients.  When you need to deliver leads to your clients and they don't have the means to receive leads in real-time via an API, delivering leads within a file via Email or FTP is the most common.  This can be found under the Delivery tab > Manage File Schedules


Email Export Schedule
When you decide to deliver via Email you are presented with a text editor to include in the body of the email, you have the option to change the Sender Name and Subject Line.  To ensure you transport your data securely, we advise that you password ZIP the file OR Embed the file as a download link. Embedding the link will force your buyer to login to their LeadByte account to collect the leads.


FTP Export Schedule
When you decide to deliver via FTP you need to add the FTP credentials.  Remember to ensure that you select the correct port and FTP mode.  sFTP is your secure option, so always ask if your buyer has that option.  Typically sFTP is port 22.




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