Searching your leads


We have made it very easy for you to locate lead information using the "Search Leads" screen

Click on the leads tab and you will be met with the below screen:


Campaigns - Use this to narrow down your results, Leave blank to search for leads in all campaigns

Date & Time - The date/time range you would like to search in

Fields - Specifiy leads which contain/don't contain values in certain fields with this option

Country - Search by country recorded against leads

Delivery - Specify leads by how they have been delivered

Suppliers - Filter by supplier

Buyers - Filter by buyer

Lead Activity - Identify resubmitted, reforwarded, test leads and leads with buyer feedback here

Method - Search for leads submitted via the API, Imported into your campaign or both

Sold Status - Filter by sold, unsold or returned leads

Delivery Status  - Filter by whether the deliveries were successful in sending the leads


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