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We provide you with the ability to create and host Forms within LeadByte.  Forms can be embedded on your landing pages and all Form registration data will be submitted directly into your linked LeadByte Campaign. 

Please note that the LeadByte Form is relatively basic, our Form is Lead Distribution.  If you are looking for an advanced Form builder, we would recommend that you find a service provider that does this as the primary service.

Creating a Form
Forms are located under Campaigns > Forms.  When you "Add New Form", you need to give the Form a name and select a Campaign.  The Form registration data will be submitted into the Campaign you select. 

Enhanced Form Security
If you only want the Form to load on your domain, then you can enable the "Domain check" feature under Enhanced Form Security and enter in your domain.  

Submission Handling
When the Form is submitted by the user, you have the option to show text i.e. "Thanks for your submission" or redirect the user to a page of your choice.  If you want to redirect to another page, you have the option to enter in a Success URL (if the lead is valid), an Error URL (if the lead was rejected by LeadByte) or a Duplicate URL (if the lead is a duplicate, which will be rejected by LeadByte).  We advise that you always "Pop out of the iFrame" else the redirect would happen within the Form window.

Once the above has been done, you can then move onto designing the Form.  See Form Designer section below.

Form Designer
This is where you create the Form.  By default, any required Campaign Fields would be automatically added to the Form design area.  On the left-hand side, you can drag the Fields that you want to include in the Form.  When you have created the Form, you will need to Publish Form. Once you have done this, you can then retrieve the embed code to insert on your site.

This is the tab you need to select to move the Fields that you want to use to create your Form.

Form Settings
This is where you can edit the way the Form looks.  For example, you can set the background colour, set the font styling or update the CSS to customise how you want the Form to look.

Edit Field
This is where you would set the Field Label and Place Holder Text.  This is also where you would also assign fields to your Campaign fields i.e. you may create a Hidden Field called AFFID, which you capture in a URL parameter, and you want to assign this to a Field called SSID.

1 Minute Form Creation

In the video below we create and publish a Form in 1 minute that captures Email, Name and the hidden Field AFFID.  We then submit a lead with a URL parameter and check the lead arrives in LeadByte.



Q. Can I track URL parameters?
A. Yes, you create Hidden Fields and pull the value from the URL parameters.

Q. Is it Mobile Responsive?
A. Yes, but it will not be perfect.  Please check before you go-live.

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